Posted by on Aug 11, 2023 in Practice News

Vision Scotland & AGO - Fundraising

In September 2023 Anita Glasby Optometry staff are supporting and participating once again as part of the Vision Scotland team., walking and running 44 miles of the West Highland Way to raise funds to treat as many patients as possible.

Vision Scotland, every day provides cataract diagnosis and treatment to private patients from clinic bases in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, the Scottish Borders, and Stirling.

We see how cataract surgery can change someone’s life for the better. By fundraising for cataract surgery, we hope to bring treatment to people who wouldn’t have the means to pay for treatment on their own. Fundraising will cover the costs of theatre and clinical equipment required for cataract surgery. Surgeons and nursing staff will give their time for free of charge.

If you wish to help us raise funds, please donate via the Go Fund Me page:

In this way, we hope to make a meaningful difference to even more cataract sufferers throughout Scotland


Thank you for your support.