Posted by on Jul 18, 2016 in Practice News

Thank you to the many patients and local residents who have donated spectacles over recent months to our Vision Aid Overseas box or through making a donation. At Anita Glasby Optometry, we do not charge for onsite spectacle repairs, instead we ask for a donation to the Vision Aid Overseas collection tin. Your support enables them to continue to provide essential eye care to people like Melkie.

Melkie Debeke is a merchant in Ethiopia who was having difficulty seeing receipts, counting money and measuring out sugar and coffee. He met a team of Professional Volunteers from Vision Aid Overseas at the Amba Giorgis Clinic in February 2016, who provided him with an eye test and a pair of spectacles. These spectacles will enable Melkie to continue work in his shop without the difficulties he had been experiencing so that he can continue to earn money and support his family.Vision Aid Overseas Logo

If you have any pairs of spectacles at home that you do not use, just pop them into the practice and we can send them off in our next consignment. Thank you for your continued support.