Children’s Vision

It is important for children to have regular eye examinations because eye problems can develop at any age. Find out more

Contact Lenses

We work closely with a variety of Contact Lens Manufacturers to ensure the latest developments in contact lens technology are available to patients. Find out more

Eye examinations

Our routine examinations utilise modern, high quality optometric equipment to give us a clear and thorough assessment of your eye health. Find out more


We work closely with Nikon, a high-quality lens manufacturer also known for camera lenses and other optical appliances. Find out more

New patients

New patients are assured of a warm welcome and personal service. Find out more


There are a wide range of frames and styles to choose from. Find our more


Sunglasses for adults, children, toddlers and babies are available for both non-prescription and conversion into prescription. Find out more


The consultation room has many pieces of modern, state of the art equipment. Find out more

Visual Stress

Children and adults can suffer from Visual Stress, which can be reduced through the use of individually-prescribed coloured overlays or precision tinted lenses. Find out more