Contact Lenses

Contact lens prescribing requires additional examinations (which are not subsidised by the NHS) to facilitate optimum lens selection.

We have a range of brands and replacement schedules available to suit various prescriptions and personal wear time preferences. From daily wear soft lenses through to fortnightly and monthly lenses; we will aim to find the lens that works best for you and your eyes.

We work closely with a variety of Contact Lens Manufacturers to ensure the latest developments in contact lens technology are available to patients.

Looking After Your Contact Lenses

  1. Hygiene: Good hygiene is essential to prevent you from developing eye infections. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly with an antibacterial hand wash before handling your contact lenses or touching your eyes.
  2. Make-up: Insert your lenses before applying make-up and remove your contact lenses before taking off make-up. Avoid using heavy eye-liner whilst wearing contact lenses.
  3. Cleaning: Follow the information that came with your contact lenses to ensure they are cleaned and stored correctly if not using dailies.
  4. Cleaning solution: Do not change your contact lens cleaning solution without consulting your optometrist first.
  5. Regular after-care: It is essential that you attend for regular contact lens aftercare appointments to check the health of your eyes and the continued suitability of your contact lenses.

How-To Guides

Contact Lens Insertion

Contact Lens Removal (Daily Disposable)

Contact Lens Removal (Fortnightly/Monthly)

Our Contact Lens Recycling Programme

ACUVUE Recycling Contact Lenses Picture

With growing concern about the environment and particularly the use of plastics in all industries, at Anita Glasby Optometry, we take our responsibilities seriously and that’s why we’re pleased to announce our partnership with ACUVUE® and TerraCycle® with the Contact Lens Recycle Programme.
Regardless of which make or style of Contact Lenses you use, keep hold of the blister packs, foils and cardboard containers, along with any used contact lenses. Bring them in to us and we will arrange for them to be recycled.

ACUVUE Recycling Contact Lenses - How It Works

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