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We work closely with Nikon, a high-quality lens manufacturer also known for camera lenses and other optical appliances.

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Nikon, whose name is synonymous with “the world’s finest lenses”, has been providing millions of people across the world and beyond, with a sharper point of view through the most trusted and sought-after optical products. Click each image for further information.

SeeMax Ultimate

SeeMax Ultimate

Nikon’s most advance progressive lens- bespoke to each wearer. By combining Nikon’s high precision optics with your 3 unique vision insights, the Ultimate lenses will make your visual experience even more powerful and personal.



SeeMax Infinite

SeeMax Infinite

SeeMax Infinite is the first lens that combines unsurpassed visual performance with a sensitivity personalisation to suit every wearer’s preference. Existing Single Vision lenses are not fully optimised for wearers, SeeMax Infinite offers a new experience that changes this.



eLife ProeLife Pro

eLife Pro offers a vision solution which is designed to help you fully embrace your passions with optimal vision clarity and comfort. For work or leisure, eLife Pro will allow you to enjoy a more natural posture so that you can maintain your comfort and focus for longer periods of time.



SeeCoat DriveSeeCoat Drive

The SeeCoat Drive lens coating uses Nikon’s most advanced reflection technology to reduce the blinding effect of glare caused by oncoming headlights, streetlights and other light sources when driving in the dark.




SeeCoat BrightSeeCoat Bright

The SeeCoat Bright lens coating provides brighter colour perception and improved contrast even in dim light conditions. This is achieved by a brightening layer which has been developed with unique technologies pioneered exclusively by Nikon.



SeeCoat Blue Premium UVSeeCoat Blue Premium UV

As a world pioneer in blue filter AR coatings, Nikon developed SeeCoat Blue Premium UV. SeeCoat Blue Premium UV filters blue lights while offering the wearer improved colour perception and contrast when using digital screens thus reducing eye fatigue.

We also work with a local glazing company to supplement our Nikon range.